Birds of Denmark


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This Cd is made using only one instrument-namely a Flauto d´amore--this is a silver flute in the key of A that is a bit bigger than a concert flute in C and a bit smaller than an alto flute in G--its roots go back at least 100 years when it was quite popular-as a harmony instrument in various ensembles-it never was as popular as hoped and it went out of production in the early 1900`s.Recently in the last 15 years some flutemaking companies have decided to design a new model with a modern scale(Cooper based), and improved mechanics. This flute has the deep rich overtones of the Alto flute and the flexibility in the upper range of the C flute. I feel there are unlimited possibilities with this instrument in many genres of music--jazz, new age,healing, folk, and of course classical.At the moment their are only around 15 pieces written for it in the classical world ( not modern classical) and I hope more composers will find out about the amazing potential of this flute. Feel free to email me.

With this CD I try to take the listener through an emotional journey revolving around Love..... Hope you enjoy ..........................

Download soundclip of Lost To The Moment(mp3-96 bits/44hz)From Winds of Love CD



Download 30 sec soundclip of The Way In (mp3-128 bits/44hz) From Winds of Love CD

























Grenaditte Flute in old Lighthouse



Flute solo Heltborg Kunst Museum